A3 Large Wall Calendar

A3 Large Wall Calendar

A Large Wall Calendar is the perfect addition to any promotion! They are the best way of keeping your company, brand and products fresh in the minds of your customers for an entire year, or longer!

But what makes our Large Wall Calendar different from all of the other calendars out there is that we have a special kit of software... Want to know more? It allows us to take any photo and create a set of letters and numbers made from a material withint the photo... eg clouds, signs, pasta, that are then randomly set into the photo to generate a person's name or keep it general and use their company name so it can be displayed in a public place!

Our Large Wall Calendar can be modified to suit your marketing needs:

  • Use a pre-designed cover with your logo and colours or upload your own custom design
  • Insert a page that you can fill with information about you and your products or services
  • Highlight key dates to trigger action from your customer such as an order now or renew now message
  • Add your logo, contact information and tag line to every page
  • Modify the calendar to include your brand or company colours



Size: 420mm x 297mm
Pages: 170gsm silk material
Backboards: 350gsm silk material
Finishing: Wire-o bound

Delivery within 10 working days